About Raja Ampat

  • Raja Ampat

    A group of magnificent islands composed the popular Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat can give every visitor an experience that they cannot forget in their whole life. This wonderful tourist spot is found in the northwestern tip of Indonesian Papuan’s. Indonesian Papuans is also known to people as “Bird’s Head Seascape”.

    These islands have been a great habitat for varieties of corals and other marine life. Diving in Raja Ampat is a chance to see the magnificent world under water.

    The total area of Raja Ampat is 50,000 sq. km. This is surrounded with the hundreds of islands which become a great diving spot. This is a great place that is blessed with diverse habitats and species of fishes, corals and other marine lives. People should have an experience diving and seeing the entire area of Raja Ampat to learn more about the life that marine life could offer.

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    There are thousands of potential dives sites. Exploration still continues and on every trip, there are chances of new and amazing discoveries. A two weeks trip you will have a give you the opportunity to see what Raja Ampat has to offer. A huge variety of marine life is present in Raja Ampat that includes 1,309 fish species, 537 corals species and 699 mollusk.


  • Weather

    The most excellent time for people to dive in Raja Ampat is when there is sunlight, little rain, calm rain, calm seas and light to zero wind. People must not risk diving when there is storm or when weather is unpredictable.

  • Getting there

    There are different ways to get to Raja Ampat but the best will depend on your location.
    The uncomplicated way to get in there is by flying to Sorong. You can choose if you want to pass through Singapore or Jakarta. But if you are a domestic tourist, you can fly passing through Manado or Makassar.
    If you are starting your trip from Bali or Jakarta, you can have a flight provided by Express Air or other airline companies to Sorong. There are daily flights so you must not worry.

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    But if you choose Singapore, you can have a flight with Silkair to Manado and then to Sorong. The Merpati and Lion Air are companies that offer regular flights to Sorong.
    If you do not want to experience some confusions and worries, you can consult an Indonesian travel agency. They can book everything without you getting stressed.

    Reminders: All foreigners visiting Indonesia are needed to have visa. The nationality of the foreigner will be the determinant of the validity and the cost of the visa.


  • Useful language

    It is a great thing that before you visits Raja Ampat, you already learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia. But English is a great language to communicate with people in this place.

  • FAQ:

    1. Why do I have to pay for 1 year even if I’m only visiting for a few days?
    There is a growing consensus among MPA managers that are annual waterproof tag system is the most efficient and convenient method of collecting entry fees, avoiding significant hassle and enforcement issues that arise with the daily fees especially in large scale MPA’s where guests do not pass through a central gate on a daily basis.

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    2. Why was I given 2 receipts when I purchased my tag?
    The fee has two main components: a government tourism management fee of Rp 150,000 and a conservative development fee of Rp 300,000. In order to ensure transparency and make it clear where the money goes, each guest will have 2 receipts, one for each fund.

    3. Why do I have to pay a fee to enter Raja Ampat?
    Raja Ampat is a blessed with some of the highest marine bio-diversity and healthiest coral reefs in the world. Raja Ampat has nationally mandated and locally managed marine protected areas (MPA’s). As with any park or reserve, conservation and tourism management costs money and Raja Ampat government adopting a tool commonly used throughout the world for financing protected area, management and entrance fees.