Dive Resorts

  • Raja Ampat Dive Resorts

    Raja Ampat is not only famous in providing a wonderful dive experience but it is also rich in different captivating resorts that can offer a fabulous rest and relaxation experience. Unique resorts that has glamour within their appearances and excellent facilities that have the guts in satisfying their visitors. You can have a choice to different liveaboards and resorts that are within the place, you will truly be satisfy to the great service and one of a kind experience.

  • Anjemiwa II

    Anjemiwa II

    If you want to explore the best diving spots and resorts in Indonesia, then it is better to travel in a boat. One of the most famous tourist trawlers in Indonesia is called Anjemiwa II. Anjemiwa II is a wooden boat or trawler that is made especially for trips on diving and exploring different resorts in Indonesia.

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  • Kri Eco Resort

    Kri Eco Resort

    The Krieco resort is popular for its longest establishment at the shore. The main theme of this resort is the traditional Papuan; they provide relaxing ambiance and excellent foods to the visitors. Also, you will find the atmosphere in this place to be ever friendly.

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  • Paradise Dancer

    Paradise Dancer

    At the first glance, you will see the Paradise Dancer’s exterior appearance as an old style pirate’s ship but if you go nearly the ship, you will then notice that it is a unique resort. This Paradise Dancer is also known as “floating boutique resort” that is proven to become unbeatable according to numerous divers that have already tried to visit this place.

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