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     Anjemiwa II

    If you want to explore the best diving spots and resorts in Indonesia, then it is better to travel in a boat. One of the most famous tourist trawlers in Indonesia is called Anjemiwa II. Anjemiwa II is a wooden boat or trawler that is made especially for trips on diving and exploring different resorts in Indonesia. It is made from tropical hardwood, which makes it strong and durable from any kind of weather. It is made perfectly for diving tourist to get their vacation at ease without the hassle of traveling. Hence, Anjemiwa II will take you to the places where you’ll get the most out of the best diving experience in the world.

    Anjemiwa II was first built and sailed on late 2005 with generators (30 and 14 KWA). The length of this trawler is 23 meters and has a width of 5.20 meters. Its engine is 180 HP Mitsubishi Diesel and has a speed of 9 – 10 Knots. It is indeed fast enough to take you to your destination as soon as possible. In addition to that, Anjemiwa II also has 4 Double Cabins that can occupy big families or 4 individuals even with companions.

    Sailing from the sand, Anjemiwa II is already proven safe from sailing and taking their passengers to their destinations. However, there are some unpredicted situations that we cannot avoid; that’s why they have safety equipments like Liferaft, Lifejackets, Flares and Oxygen that can be used in times of emergency.

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