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     Paradise Dancer

    At the first glance, you will see the Paradise Dancer’s exterior appearance as an old style pirate’s ship but if you go nearly the ship, you will then notice that it is a unique resort. This Paradise Dancer is also known as “floating boutique resort” that is proven to become unbeatable according to numerous divers that have already tried to visit this place. This floating resort can accommodate about 15-20 divers at a time. When you see its interior part, you will see various rooms that were made to be larger than the standard state rooms – about 180 square feet each room. The largest room that is within the place is called the “master and commander suite” – about 470 square feet in size. Moreover, all rooms are air conditioned and contain almost everything that the visitor will need. Divers that will go into this place will be given a respective 11 nights of stay with 3 to 4 dives in every single day.

    The good thing about the Paradise Dance is that it is going along different destinations. From April to September, the ship will cruise away from North Sulawesi. The top destinations will be Bunaken Marine Park, Sangihe Islands, Lembeh Straight, and Bangka Straight. Furthermore, Paradise Dance will move to Raja Ampat from September to April.

    The Paradise Dance’s goal is to cruise over different set places and let divers experience the convenience in trying their service. The ship or yacht will move into different best diving spots with appropriate season for every specific area.

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