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  • Raja Ampa Dive Sites

    -Located at the North-west part of the Indonesian’s Papuans, Raja Ampat became one of the best spots wherein you can spend your exciting trips and fun adventures. This place is fully loaded with different stories that will emphasize the one of a kind feature of it. Raja Ampat is truly a remarkable place that can offer a great experience with accordance to the view of various marine creatures and fantastic sites.

  • Boo Island

    Boo Island

    From the surface area you will find a couple of boulders set aside through a little expanse of water, down below you will find Raja Ampat’s wealth underwater life at the ready to be discovered.

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  • Fabiacet


    Fabiacet is known as a breath of refreshing air for everyone that aspires we’re able to often dive on coral reefs along with marine life as abundant as nature planned. If you are a worn out and exhausted grumpy aged diver, well then you should not sit this site out.

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  • Farondi Island

    Farondi Island

    Farondi Island highlights 2 famous dive sites. The Goa Besar and the Verena’s Garden. Among Raja Ampat dive destinations, Farondi Island is said to be the most favorite of all divers because of its distinctive seascape.

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  • Gamfi Damu Island

    Gamfi Damu Island

    The currents could very well be strong all across Gamfi Island however it is consistently good news given it produces nutrients towards the reef and you will probably discover the soft corals at their finest. Nearly all are at maximum extension, all set to capture and feed on any free hovering food items, including tiny sea water shrimp.

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  • Jef Fam Group

    Jef Fam Group

    Jef Fam Group of islands is another fascinating site in the Raja Ampat Archipelago. Jet Fam is composed of scenic group of several islands and islets that are lying straightly west of Batanta island.

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  • Kaleidoscope


    Getting a break from all of those large things you will probably want to try out the brilliantly colored wonders with this Misool Island dive spot. Even though you might have got to look beyond several Napoleon wrasse and mobula rays so you can get an infinite sight, what you will really find out is definitely a reef which showcases an irresistible variety of coloration.

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  • Kri Island

    Kri Island

    Kri Island is one of the top liveaboard scuba diving spots among the archipelago of Raja Ampat. The site is within the Raja Ampat marine protected area so it is the best place for you if you would like to see lots of fish.

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  • Manta Ridge

    Manta Ridge

    With a beginner’s dive at only 6 meters, Manta Ridge is one of the shallow dive spots in the Raja Archipelago. It is located between the islands of Mansuar and Airborei, in the middle section of Raja Ampat.

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  • Sel Pele Bay

    Sel Pele Bay

    Sel Pele Bay is considered as the macro underwater photography diving capital of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Here you will find lots of unique and weird seldom critters that basically made Indonesia diving very popular.

    The bay is very wide and is situated o the west of Waig

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  • South Penemu Island Pinnacle

    South Penemu Island Pinnacle

    Located near the southern part of Penemu Island, South Penemu Island Pinnacle is a less famous pinnacle that is usually visited by dive masters who jump in the blue water to bring a beacon in place. In the shallower portions of the pinnacle, there are many nice colorful anemones and soft corals covering the sections.

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  • The Passage

    The Passage

    In between the isles of Walib and Wayilbatan within the southerly part of Raja Ampat, you will find a funnel more than 30 meters in width showcasing a few of the very best benthic life you’re ever apt to check out.

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  • Waigeo Island

    Waigeo Island

    Waigeo Island is the home of some famous dive spots and is located at the northern tip of Raja Ampat. The site offers an excellent drift diving experience. Here are lots of Raja Ampat liveaboard dive boats that are usually touring around the northern portion of the island.

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