• Fabiacet


    Fabiacet is known as a breath of refreshing air for everyone that aspires we’re able to often dive on coral reefs along with marine life as abundant as nature planned. If you are a worn out and exhausted grumpy aged diver, well then you should not sit this site out. Take your nitrox certification with you as this extraordinary Raja Ampat dive site is certainly one place in which you will surely be seeing to dwell down only if your air lasts.

    Nearby rich waters all over such peaks and isles are incredibly deep and crystal clear. At this dive site, you will discover a number of the finest visibility in the beautiful Raja Ampat of around 40 meters and also the marine life is absolutely superb , hence take your wide-angle photographic camera lenses. Fantastic hammerhead sharks can be seen right here, given that the surrounding water is significantly deep as well as occasionally move towards not so deep water to find out about the boisterous, black and yellow rubber-clad, bubble-puffing critters are doing within the water.

    The outside wall shallows are overpowered with brown, beige and cream leather corals as well as sponges. Neon fusiliers shine beyond and also the schooling ashen-lipped surgeonfish dive within a greater depth of water while you swim beyond. Green turtles sometimes appear busy consuming the sponges, and monochrome banded angelfish are typical at this dive site.

    Within the deeper portions are multitude of huge purple, lilac and pink gorgonian fans and seafans. Blue-strapped angelfish as well as the 6-striped angelfish weave among the branches while orange- dotted trevally haunt beyond, intent after their quarry of lean fusiliers that move apparently being one body in an effort to ward off the predators breakthroughs. Schooling bannerfish and the redtooth triggerfish up from the reef within their hundreds.

    Dive Experience Level: Newbie to Masters
    Surface Conditions: Calm
    Currents: Can be strong
    Depth: 5 meters to 40 meters
    Visibility: 15 meters to 35 meters
    Water Temperature: 28 °C to 30°C
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: By liveaboard diving in Raja Ampat