Gamfi Damu Island

  • Gamfi Damu Island

     Gamfi Damu Islan

    The currents could very well be strong all across Gamfi Island however it is consistently good news given it produces nutrients towards the reef and you will probably discover the soft corals at their finest. Nearly all are at maximum extension, all set to capture and feed on any free hovering food items, including tiny sea water shrimp.

    It’s quite common to distinguish a prowling crowd of bumphead parrotfish at this dive site, basing hard corals using their striking teeth. Within the same superficial water, there can be spotted green turtles here even as feeding on or swimming towards the surface to have a gasp of fresh air. Continue to keep your eye over a swimming turtle is kind of a challenge at this dive site considering that the water around Gamfi Damu Island is subsequently thick along with fish.

    All over the reef are schools of yellow-tail barracuda, giant trevallies and jacks. They can indeed be insatiable predators and chase using a typical sort of prowl or lie-in-wait that makes it possible for divers to come near to have a good shot of such intimidating predators.

    Octopus vulgaris and sea snakes are often noticed within the cracks in bommies however watch out since the incredibly noxious greater blue-ringed octopus is actually observed in this vicinity.

    If you’re a macro enthusiast you’re going to be delighted with the selection of nudibranchs which could be discovered here. This dive site is yet another among those dive spots that show off the finest about Raja Ampat: nourishing reefs, a great deal of marine life and many more macro than there’s more about.

    Dive Experience Level: Newbie to Advanced
    Surface Conditions: Can be choppy
    Currents: Moderate to Strong
    Depth: 5 meters to 30 meters
    Visibility: 20 meters to 30 meters
    Water Temperature: 27°C to 30°C
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: By liveaboards within Raja Ampat