The Passage

  • The Passage

     The Passage

    In between the isles of Walib and Wayilbatan within the southerly part of Raja Ampat, you will find a funnel more than 30 meters in width showcasing a few of the very best benthic life you’re ever apt to check out.

    Currents feed throughout this area regarding the isles, travelling across nutrients whose destiny is perhaps falling towards the enticing arms of a huge selection of seafans. They extend from both wall to entangle moving food and they are found in an amazing collection of hues. Luminescent yellow, bright oranges, vital green and deep purple merge to produce a thorough invasion to your sensibilities. At times in conditions of sub-par visibility the consequence could be very well be magnificent. With regards to the current you can float beyond these protruding, multihued forces of webs or in the event calm, you may stop and find out the tiny gems that refer to them as dwelling.

    In some places, pygmy seahorses are no dearth of fans to help them to adhere to. You are going to observe several pink and yellow Hippocampus Barbiganti and also orange and white types of Hippocampus Denise. There may be no need for photography enthusiasts to line up at a single sole fan at this dive site. With a few fans being house to six or even more types, you can find an abundance of selection.

    Aside from the pygmies that typically take the show, you may also look at either vivid wall for nudibranchs which often there are a few for example the enchanting tiny yellow blob which is the Thecacera variety or mostly known as Pikachu. The Passage dive site is also the home of numerous hues of crinoids appealing a compelling range of crinoids shrimps, squat lobsters, and clingfish. Some other tiny critters of great interest are the Reindeer wrasse which sometimes be observed little by little entwining its way in and around less noisy areas.

    Together with current as well as the nutrient-rich water, you will discover also bigger varieties to be witnessed out of the wall within the funnel for example mobula rays and schools of yellowfin barracuda, and intermittently, moving groups of eagle rays. Regardless of these intriguing critters both small and big, is the stunning color palette that will probably astonish you and engrave the beautiful The Passage within your diving reminiscence.

    Dive Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Water Temperature: 27°C to 30°C
    Depth: 5 meters to 30 meters
    Visibility: 5 meters to 30 meters
    Surface Conditions: Can be choppy
    Currents: Moderate to Strong
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: By liveaboards around Raja Ampat